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Photo roll, New Music America '82
Tim Blickhan et al
Black and white photos
35 mm
July 1982
© 1982 Tim Blickhan; used with permission
Collection of Tim Blickhan
The New Music America Festival was held annually during the 1980 decade, and was not without controversy ( The Neoteric Ensemble prepared its signature piece, "Toujours Perdrix," with the City of Chicago's contractual caveat (see inset on handbill, above) in mind. The combination of the work's "open-mic" format (uncensored dialogue was fed to the performers by the audience) and the Apologia regarding the non-performance of E.X. Rator's "Synapticon" was too much for the local organizers, and the ensemble was asked to leave after the first performance (two were scheduled). That being said, everyone but the Chicago art police had a great time.
Tim and Joe
Neoteric and crew
The ensemble
The audience
John Cage
Pauline Oliveros
Ben Johnston
The performance
The audience
The ensemble
The scene
The ensemble