dekalbowiki:Privacy policy

The projects and contributions area at endeavors to protect the privacy of its contributors, both members and non-members.


We will not disclose or share names, email addresses, or other personal information on our site intentionally, with the following exceptions:

  • you post the information yourself (e.g., in a wiki edit)
  • you include the information in a submission to the site for posting
  • you enter the information in your wiki preferences

Automatic subscriptions

We will eventually add links to enable RSS feeds and "network push" features. Subscription to these services will be left solely to the subscriber. We will not "sign you up" for services you do not want or need.

Mailing lists will not intentionally share its membership lists, mailing lists, or address books with any other entity, private or commercial, for any purpose.

External links

We do host links to external sites on our pages. Be aware that clicking on a link is viewed by some organizations as "permission" to gather information about you. While we do not endorse this practice, we cannot prevent it. Should you choose to follow the links on this site, we may inadvertently "pass through" a solicitation of information about you from the referred site; we encourage you to report this so we may flag or remove the offending links.

Commercial hosting services is hosted by a commercial web service. We have chosen our contract terms in accordance with our privacy and security policies, and to minimize advertising and other intrusion.