Ayer Collection 0042

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Clips from Relâche: a Piece for Dogs
Erik Satie interpreted by the Neoteric Ensemble
Recording by Panda Kroll and Larry Nordstrom
VHS tape
55' 40"
April 1986
Images © 1986 the Neoteric Ensemble
Collection of David and Rebecca Ayer
Video extensions in MediaWiki have broken every few versions as HTML5 and services such as YouTube became dominant. Until we have it working again, here are a few media clips to download:

The Woman (Carol Funke) examines the Decor; segue to Steve Doyle's testimonial to Satie. The Men finally get to break the poses they've held for the last twenty minutes as the audience was seated and the overture played.

The orchestra accompanying the film.

The Woman dances with Satie (Jim Slenger).

The Dance of the Wheelbarrow and first of several exits.

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